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Week One DONE!

My first week of teaching has been so many things. I am so lucky for the following things:

• Little fairy godmother teachers around like my "roommate" who is the technology teacher and shares my room as her office. We've had a lot of funny and helpful moments already and it's only been a week! 🧚‍♀️

• Little connections from undergrad that turned into BIG ones with teachers who have been at the school and have helped me throughout the week with classroom control and any random concerns and questions I could think of. 💯

• My family and friends who have been such a great ear to listen when I have a problem I need to solve with kids and curriculum. 👨‍👩‍👧

• Awesome staff members such as the paraprofessional in my second grade class. (A great para is irreplaceable in the classroom!) ♥

• The new gym I joined to blow off some steam when needed after school and stay positive. 🏃‍♂️

My favorite moments were those listed in my Donors Choose (*cough cough 😁 In case you didn't read my new posts on social media, they were as follows:

• Student quotes such as "I like music class!" "I sang this song at my house!" and more. 🎶

• Little hugs from the kiddos. 🤗

• Kids saying, "Hi Ms. Maloof!" and waving excitedly in the hallway. (It takes all my effort to not make a big deal because they have a strong belief in quiet and controlled hallway passing at my school.) 🤐

• Seeing a brand new student who came to school a few days late and wasn't on the roster immediately begin singing with his peers. 🙌

• Seeing kids transform from nervous (and sometimes crying) on their first day of school, to joining games and singing in music class. 😊

I'm excited to see what my next week will hold! I have Kindergarten this upcoming week that is new to be added to my current First, Second, and Third Grade roster.

This is the main point I tried to drive home with ALL my students in order to create a safe, effective environment with clear expectations.

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