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Some Thoughts So Far Before this Happy New Year

Hello all! It was quite a feat, making it to Winter Break. I have been treating myself during this break, because I can't remember working harder in my life than in this job as a teacher. Here are some thoughts about what it has been so far:

😬I did not expect #classroom #management to slap me in the face (figuratively), so much as it has. There is not one day where I don't think about ways to improve my lessons in order to increase my classroom management skills.

🤦🏻‍♀️Just because it works for one teacher, doesn't mean it works for another teacher. For me, I have been picking up things like a sponge and trying them until I figure out if it works or not. Every day, I rethink what I could do to make my classroom environment more positive, more safe, and more effective for learning. I personally don't want to just copy other teachers because it "works" for them. There are many things that I have tried that don't make me feel like myself, like doing listening phrases such as "Macaroni and Cheese ~ Everybody Freeze!" It's jut not my personality. It has been a struggle, but there are points where I don't even realize that I have been doing a classroom management "technique," such as echo clapping, because it's autopilot now. 👩🏻‍🏫 This is great, because it has allowed me to focus on other things! I am pretty proud of myself for finding my way and being flexible with these methods.

🎵No one is going to get me the way that #music #educators get me. No one is going to get me the way music educators in my district have got me. These realizations have been my solace, again and again. I am lucky to have some of the best music teachers I've ever met within reach in my district and friend group. When I feel completely lost with planning and lost of hope, these teachers make me truly feel like I am not alone. The art and technology teachers in my school come pretty close with relating to me, but there is something really special about getting to know and appreciate other people that do the same or almost the same job as me.

🍾Thank you for reading this post! In the holiday spirit, my New Year's teacher resolution is to be more #organized, so as to allow more time for #self #care and #sleep during the week. What are some of your New Year's resolutions having to do with teaching?

P.S.! I found this app and it's AMAZING for helping with my New Year's resolution! Check it out if you are looking for ways to organize a bunch of lesson plans:

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