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I'm really proud of some of the stuff I have created for online learning, but unfortunately, my students are not doing my work and are also having troubles at home beyond their control. I am going to share some of what I have been creating on here, to make myself feel a little prouder for the hours of work I have put in, but I have not gotten to see bounce back.

Here is one that I'm pretty proud of, for getting to use the resource of my lovely and talented friend and peer, as well as edit videos myself. I also tried to subtly emphasize girl power with the feature of the all female acapella group from UMass.

Beginner Beat Boxing

Watch this video of the group Sharp Attitude from UMass Amherst performing. Pay attention to the beatboxing (mouth percussion) in the group.

Watch this video of my friend Parlee answering some questions about beatboxing.

Upload a video of you trying out some beatboxing techniques on this Flipgrid.

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