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Making Something Out of Nothing

I have been grappling with the idea of creating a music program out of nothing since the summer began. It's been challenging trying to figure out what to do with a huge room that was originally empty of materials. Since my last post, I have done lots of things to get ready for my first day Monday:

  • Went to the "Warehouse" in my district with the music liaison for the district and got lots of Orff instruments (which I need to figure out how to use!).

  • Went to PD and got an influx of information from fellow music teachers and administrators

  • Got all my gadgets to teach -- district authorized computer, ID card, key, etc.

  • Met my "roommate" -- the technology teacher who will be using my room for an office space

  • Met the fellow art teacher at my school (who has unfortunately had less time to prepare for this year than me)


I'm really excited and anxious for the first day of school! I can't wait to see the kids -- the little humans I have been gearing up for all summer!

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