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Just a Couple Thoughts: College vs. Teaching Job

College undergrad feel so far away right now and here's why:

When a person is getting their college degree, it feels very self-centered. My ability and choices about whether to succeed rely almost solely on myself. I decide whether I will stay up late and finish my work. I decide if I want to work harder at practicing and being an artist/performer. I decide what I want to do with my free time. It all affects me and very few things affect others in the time I spend in school as a college student. As long as I am respectful of others' time in chamber ensemble, wind ensemble, and jazz band by practicing and contributing, I have done a service for others.

In juxtaposition:

Every single decision and choice I make as a teacher every day and night and morning affects hundreds of other people: children who are 12 years older or younger. It's tricky... and it's been quite tricky for the fact that many of these kids have never had an academic music class. In this way, it also isn't all me as a teacher that is affecting the choices they make, because they are human beings with their own wills after all.

It's really been my goal to show students the way and to make them see why music class could be so valuable to them and why it is such an important part of their education. I am working on this with a lot of the students, especially students with so much baggage that it is taking weeks to unpack. Thankfully, the teachers/admins at my school have been nothing short of amazing at supporting and helping me.

Teaching is hard, man! Everyone says it and they're right!

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