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Chugging Along/ Classroom Management! 

I've been trying to encourage good behavior in my class and have learned the truth: I will have to use physical incentives for some children to behave well in class. So far, I've been using a mixture of these following classroom management incentives. ★Instrument use incentives: For example, I've been trying to encourage excitement in the possibility of using bucket drums. Unfortunately, some smart kiddos have noticed I'm doing this and tried to convince the class that it's not a big deal (to cover themselves emotionally if I don't invite them to use the instrument). I'm still trying my best to convince bucket drums are a big deal!

★Little toys and things: It definitely can't be an every day thing (because I'd run out of money and sanity), but I've been giving toys from time to time to my older kids and stickers to my younger ones to encourage positive behaviors in music class.

★Behavioral plan incentives: Some of my kiddos have A LOT going on at home. I created a behavioral plan for kids who are especially finding it difficult to be in my class and not ruin activities with their behaviors. It's been clear that these work best with kids who are pretty good at self-evaluation. Therefore, not every single kid with ADHD (for example) will succeed with this type of plan. I've attached an example of what I've been using with one students in the cover photo of this post. ★Calling the parents: The kids don't like it. I don't like it. It's basically a last resort or a way to nip REALLY disruptive behaviors in the bud. This definitely would NOT work with every school district or age level, but I've noticed improvements after doing this with some of my students. One of my favorite moments of this week was when the struggling student I made the behavioral plan with told me that as an incentive, he'd like time to learn the piano. 😭 #wholesome I made a deal with his teachers that he could spend 20 minutes in the morning having a quick lesson with me. Another great moment in this week was one of my extended music periods. This particular class had a lot of kids struggling with behavioral issues. The kids ended up LOVING "Doggy Doggy Where's Your Bone" and it really incentivized singing in tune by themselves, which I didn't know would happen! #Score! 😁 It's SO HARD to be a teacher, but there are many ups and downs throughout. Thank you so much for catching up with me!

P.S. Thank you to Kristy George who is a #queen at classroom management. I got to go to a free professional development at the #CommunityMusicSchoolOfSpringfield and it helped me organize ways to promote positive behaviors in my classroom.

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